Apologies on Behalf of the Legal Innovation Industry

Chris DeConti
May 12, 2023

An Apology to Legal Leaders on Behalf of the Legal Innovation Industry 


For too long, you’ve been kept waiting, thirsting for meaningful change.

You’ve been stuck delivering ‘more and more for less’, overworked and under-fulfilled. 

The legal innovation industry has long promised answers. Collectively we’ve spent years and billions trying, and yet, that thirst of yours has gone unquenched.  

For that, we’re truly sorry.   

Maybe we’ve all been serving up the wrong cocktail, all too focused on the simple mixes -- aimed at low-level work that could easily be commoditized. 

But most of your work isn’t simple. Most of it requires a balanced blend of smarts, speed and savvy.

This is the problem of complex legal work at scale.  

Ready for a new recipe?   

We call it Integrated Law. 

We start with a generous pour of law firm-inspired legal expertise, add a good shot of New Law’s tech-enabled efficiency and serve it with the savvy business integration of in-house law.

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