Ann Heidger Pequeño

Innovating Beyond the Lab: The Critical Role of Contracting in Research

May 28, 2024
Clinical research saves lives, but faces significant hurdles due to inefficient clinical trial contracting practices. Factor's Ann Heidger Pequeño explores sustainable contracting models that streamline research, accelerate innovation, and speed the journey to market-ready products.
One Biotech’s Journey to 50% Faster Clinical Trial Contracting
June 13, 2024
A client case study from a rapidly growing, multi-product biotechnology company that partnered with Factor to reduce contracting cycle time, address revenue leaks from delayed clinical trial site start-ups, and build a clear roadmap for scalable contracting in the future.
Sense & Sensibility, Part 2 - The Challenge for General Counsel to Influence and Lead in an AI-Ubiquitous World - On-demand Webinar
May 29, 2024
Another chance to watch our recent webinar with expert insights on enabling your team to navigate GenAI, featuring white paper co-authors Ed Sohn and Jae Um, alongside Microsoft's Lydia Petrakis.
Innovating Beyond the Lab: The Critical Role of Contracting in Research
May 28, 2024
Clinical research saves lives, but faces significant hurdles due to inefficient clinical trial contracting practices. Factor's Ann Heidger Pequeño explores sustainable contracting models that streamline research, accelerate innovation, and speed the journey to market-ready products.
Generative AI: Disruption and Adaptation in Legal Operations
May 21, 2024
GenAI is transforming legal operations, enhancing efficiency, and driving innovation. Hosting a panel at the CLOC Global Institute 2024, David Mainiero shared strategies for integrating GenAI into legal workflows to empower your legal team.
GenAI and Legal: Five Ways to Win Support and Future-Proof Your Projects
May 3, 2024
Ahead of 2024 CLOC Global Institute, Factor’s David Mainiero explores strategies to win support, future-proof legal projects, and harness GenAI for enhanced legal operations.
Embracing GenAI in the Derivatives Market: A Leap Towards Future-Proofing Finance
April 29, 2024
Factor’s Tom Reynolds, participant in ISDA’s Future Leaders in Derivatives program, explores the profound impact GenAI could have on the derivatives sector, spotlighting innovations, key applications, associated risks, and strategic mitigations.
GenAI: Sharpening Decision-Making and Enhancing Adaptability in Legal Ops
April 26, 2024
Factor’s David Mainiero explores the seismic changes GenAI brings to legal operations, and – ahead of the 2024 CLOC Global Institute - shares key considerations for long-term planning in the face of known unknowns, particularly relative to the fast-evolving landscape.
Navigating GenAI: A Strategic Guide for Legal Ops Professionals
April 16, 2024
Ahead of the 2024 CLOC Global Institute, Factor’s David Mainiero explores how legal ops professionals can strategically adopt GenAI, with insights from our recent webinar, focused on driving innovation and minimizing investment risks.
Your GenAI Legal Roadmap: Delivering Wins While the Game is Changing - On-demand Webinar
April 11, 2024
Listen to this recent webinar with expert insights on integrating Generative AI in legal operations, minimizing risks, and making strategic adjustments. Discover actionable steps to thrive in the evolving landscape of legal services.
Why The ‘Illusion’ Of Speed In Clinical Trials Unravels As Contracting Demands Scale
March 19, 2024
For biotech companies, speed is of the essence when it comes to clinical trials, but the sense of urgency to achieve site start-up can often be throttled as operational inefficiencies surface.
Digital Operational Resilience Act: Key Challenges for Technology Providers
March 7, 2024
As the deadline for DORA compliance within the EU member states looms closer, ICT service providers must take proactive steps to improve their digital operational resilience capabilities to financial entities.
AI and the GC: Navigating a New Era of Partnership as a Legal Leader
February 26, 2024
Explore how GCs grappling with the GenAI boom can shift perspective away from GenAI as a tool to buy, towards a capability to learn, taking a human-centric approach that empowers teams to embrace AI as a value-add team member.   
Top In-House Counsel Band Together to Experiment with Gen AI
February 23, 2024
For all the hype and excitement around the potential of generative artificial intelligence to transform the legal industry, corporate legal departments are largely still in the “experimentation” phase of using the technology, according to the leader of a new project that will bring together in-house lawyers to discuss best uses of AI tools.
Live from LegalWeek: Business Transformation in the Age of AI
February 5, 2024
In this episode of the “Live from LegalWeek," Factor’s Jess Block discussed how we are elevating technology by focusing on people-centric transformation.
How DORA Regulations are Securing the EU Banking System for the Digital Age
January 18, 2024
By reframing the focus from a compliance challenge to an opportunity for improving operational resilience, financial institutions should view the impending EU regulation as a way to mitigate cybersecurity blind spots.
In-Life Contract Management: A Strategic Approach to Enhance Protection, Profitability, and Revenue Generation
January 10, 2024
An in-life contract management strategy recognizes that contracts are not static, but living entities that needs to be actively managed to ensure compliance, risk mitigation and value realization.
The Future of Corporate Governance: Solving the Demand for Company Secretaries
January 9, 2024
Amid emerging challenges posed by the rise of GenAI and looming regulatory changes, corporate secretarial teams are of strategic and advisory importance. Major adjustments are needed to stay ahead of the curve.
The Future Ready GC: 2024 Challenges and Opportunities
December 14, 2023
Join us for Part 1 of The Future Ready GC series where we discuss 2024 challenges and opportunities for GCs and their legal teams.
What Traits Do CEOs Value Most in their Legal Leaders?
December 7, 2023
In this recent virtual event, our guests unravel the traits that make an exceptional GC and how this critical role is shaping the future of business leadership.
Build vs Buy Will Never Be the Same Again, Thanks to Custom GenAI
November 30, 2023
The rise of the empowered user-builder heralds innumerable new ways of working for in-house teams. GCs should identify their own paths to accelerate how this arrives in their legal function.
Generative AI’s Rise in Legal Space Could Be a Win for Clients
November 17, 2023
Factor’s Ed Sohn and Six Parsecs’ Jae Um consider how AI will impact different types of legal work and in-house’s relationship with outside counsel.
Decisions of First Impression: AI Readiness for Legal Leaders
October 20, 2023
In our recent webinar, we dive into the impacts and implications of generative AI for the general counsel’s office.
How Contractual Data Models Can Help Banks Through Market Stress
August 15, 2023
Contractual data models and portfolio-level contract reviews can help decision-makers prepare for challenges ahead.
From Lawyer to Leader Faster: Key Takeaways from the 2023 In-House Impact Life Sciences Conference
July 25, 2023
In-house Impact: Life Sciences is the only forum dedicated to legal leaders working in the life sciences industry. Read about the core themes from this year’s conference and the key takeaways for legal leaders.
Unlocking the Potential of AI in the Legal Industry: Insights from Medical Record Studies
July 12, 2023
By leveraging specialized AI models, providing clear instructions, and understanding the potential and limitations of AI, the legal field can streamline information analysis and extraction. Michael shares five tips to help you get the most out of AI.
Gaining AI Fluency in the Legal Profession: Understanding Machine Learning
July 7, 2023
Artificial intelligence influences our lives significantly, but it often feels mysterious. In this article, we aim to demystify machine learning, a crucial branch of AI for the legal community.
Navigating Change: Frameworks for Engaging People in Complex Environments
June 27, 2023
Change within complex environments can be challenging, but utilizing effective frameworks can help us engage people throughout the journey. Michael Callier shares two frameworks that have been instrumental in his experience as a change agent. They are the S.C.A.R.F. model and the P.L.A.C.E. model.
The ever-present challenges of Initial Margin
May 23, 2023
Though some financial market participants may feel as if the pressures of implementing the initial margin (“IM”) rules are behind them, a closer look in the rear review mirror reveals that the challenges remain very close at hand.
Virtual Briefing: Integrated Law™
May 12, 2023
In this on-demand session, Factor’s Chris DeConti explores a new category in the legal services market, Integrated Law™. Learn what it is, how it fits into the evolving legal landscape and more.
CPRA & Beyond: US Data Privacy Laws, New Complexity and Compliance Strategies 
April 20, 2023
Data privacy and regulatory compliance are top concerns for in-house legal teams. Though there are signs that compliance requirements are growing more complex, learn how organizations can leverage forward-thinking strategies to manage them.
ISDA’s Digital Asset Definitions: An Overview
April 17, 2023
ISDA recently published its new Digital Asset Derivatives Definitions to provide a standardized framework for the trading of digital assets. Learn about the legal features, novel challenges and market implications of this definition booklet.
How to Transform Contracting with a Holistic Strategy
April 11, 2023
Centering your contracting transformation on technology can lead to its failure. Achieve your target state with a broader view of the contracting ecosystem.
Contracts 101: Definition, Types, Essential Elements & Lifecycle
April 11, 2023
Contracts are a vital part of every business, and a strong foundational understanding of them is key to unlocking potential value.
Integrated Law™: The Next Evolution in Legal Services
April 7, 2023
The newest category in legal services, Integrated Law™ marks an important evolution in the industry. Learn about the challenges that necessitated this evolution, how Integrated Law aims to reorient legal services providers toward their highest, best use and more.
How to Forge a Path from GC to CEO
April 3, 2023
Learn the strategies one CEO leveraged to transition from a role as GC to one in business leadership.
Contract Hygiene: How to Build a Healthy Contract Management Strategy
March 29, 2023
Contract hygiene accumulates through a consistent approach to contract management. Learn about the value of contract hygiene, and tips for improving it.
Expect the Unexpected: the Value of Contract Review in Times of Market Stress
March 20, 2023
Amid market volatility and the regulatory scramble to contain the fallout of Silicon Valley Bank's collapse, contract review can help those responsible for overseeing and mitigating potential emerging risk to lay their hands on the right levers at the right time.
Q&A with Jessica Block, the Woman Behind the Launch of Factor’s Contracting Platform
March 7, 2023
In a recent Q&A with Legaltech News, Jessica Block, Factor's executive vice president of market solutions, discusses Factor's Integrated Contracting Platform.
Authors’ Insights: General Counsel in the 21st Century
March 2, 2023
A panel of contributing authors discusses the new book General Counsel in the 21st Century.
Alt. Legal Services Co. Factor Hires Ex-Ankura Director
February 23, 2023
Law360 covers Factor's hiring of a former senior managing director at Ankura Consulting Group and FTI Consulting to take on the role of executive vice president of market solutions.
Code Reg Episode 6: Schrems II/GDPR Enforcement Posture
February 6, 2023
The EU Commission’s deadline to implement updated standard contractual clauses passed on December 27, 2022. In this recap of Code Reg episode six, we explore the enforcement posture of data protection authorities across Europe with Julian Cunningham-Day of Linklaters.
From Legal to Leadership: How to Forge a Path from GC to CEO
January 31, 2023
Today, GCs must work with business leadership to proactively tackle challenges like risk, regulatory burdens, supply chain instability and more. That close alignment opens up a new pathway for in-house legal leaders – one that leads to the c-suite.
Code Reg Episode 5: The Importance of Good Planning
December 16, 2022
In episode five of Code Reg, we’re joined by a special guest to discuss the importance of good planning for any large-scale remediation project – including those related to Schrems II/GDPR. 
LawNext: CEO Varun Mehta on Integrated Law™ as a New Category of Legal Services
December 9, 2022
Factor’s CEO Varun Mehta joins Bob Ambrogi on the LawNext podcast to discuss Integrated Law™, the changing legal services market, Factor’s evolution and more.
Leveraging Legal: How to Unlock a Secret Weapon for Solid (Not Siloed) Teams
December 5, 2022
Different departments often struggle to align. But in-house lawyers bring a unique perspective that benefits every team; here are strategies for unlocking easier cooperation.
Uncertain Roads Ahead – CSDR and the ISDA SFT Annex
December 5, 2022
Following the implementation date of the Central Securities Depository Regulation in early February 2022, read about the important updates and the possible role of the ISDA SFT Annex.
How McGraw Hill uses legal service provider Factor
November 29, 2022
In an interview with Legal Dive, McGraw Hill discusses the value of their partnership with Factor. Learn about how the relationship started, how it has evolved and what types of complex legal work Factor now handles for the education publishing company.
Code Reg Episode 4: Lessons from Past Regulatory Remediation Projects
November 18, 2022
In episode four of Code Reg, we look back at a few Schrems II/GDPR remediation projects and discuss the key takeaways we’ve learned.
The Road Forward for Initial Margin: A Guide to Transitioning to BAU
October 31, 2022
With the passing of the Phase 6 deadline, initial margin must become part of the BAU workstream. New challenges will inevitably arise, but this whitepaper will help you prepare for them.
What Lies Beneath (Your Contracts): Strategically Leveraging Your Contract Data
October 31, 2022
Contract data strategy enables actionable, valuable insights. Watch Karl Dorwart (Factor) and Amber Sasso (Novo Nordisk) discuss the benefits of actionable insights derived from strategic contract data at the Buying Legal Council Conference.
Reinventing Professionals: The Impact of Integrated Legal Services
October 21, 2022
Factor’s CEO Varun Mehta and Ari Kaplan talk about how Integrated Law™ differs from alternative legal service providers, the market forces that necessitated Integrated Law and more in a recent episode of the Reinventing Professionals podcast.
Trust, Talent, Tech and More: Lessons from LVNx
October 10, 2022
The Factor team recently sponsored and attended the Legal Value Network Conference in Chicago. Challenges like client trust, high talent attrition and slow innovation (plus how to solve these challenges) were key themes.
Accept failure or be an exception: how to buck CLM implementation trends
September 28, 2022
CLM technology implementations often fail. But you don’t have to be a statistic – learn how to beat the odds and make your CLM implementation a success.
Code Reg Episode 3: Managing Future Regulatory Changes
September 26, 2022
In this recap of Code Reg episode three, we dive deeper into contract hygiene, and discuss how Schrems II/GDPR remediation can help organizations prepare for future regulatory change.
Collaboration, partnership, and inclusivity: key takeaways from In-House Impact Life Sciences
September 23, 2022
We recently attended In-House Impact Life Sciences 2022 – read our key takeaways from the event, and what they could mean about where the Life Sciences space is headed.
Where to Begin When It’s Already Too Late (Part 2)
August 22, 2022
In this recap of Code Reg episode two, we finish our discussion of where to begin with Schrems II/GDPR remediation when it’s already too late and discuss key considerations in more detail. 
The Story of a GC’s Failed CLM Tech Implementation
August 17, 2022
It's tough to get CLM implementation right on the first try. Read this GC's story of CLM tech implementation failure and learn from the key insights he gained along the way.
7 ways to ruin your CLM technology implementation
August 10, 2022
Legal teams tend to hit the same roadblocks when implementing contract lifecycle management technology. Here’s a roadmap for avoiding them.
Where to Begin (with Schrems II) When It’s Already Too Late (Part 1) 
July 28, 2022
In this recap of the first episode of Code Reg, we highlight key insights from part one of our discussion about where to begin with Schrems II/GDPR remediation when it’s already too late.
Code Reg Episode 1: Where to Begin When It’s Already too Late (Part 1)
July 25, 2022
In the first episode of Code Reg, we dive into an overview of Schrems II and outline key considerations to make before tackling remediation with the deadline looming so near.
Factor Taps Ex-Skadden Partner, Credit Suisse Co-GC as EVP
July 21, 2022
Law360 covers the appointment of former BigLaw partner Jonathan Pedersen as EVP, Global Practice Lead
BT Expands Legal Work Partnership with Factor
June 23, 2022
The new multi-year arrangement helps BT Legal ‘connect for good’ with its global stakeholders, clients, and suppliers.
36th ISDA AGM, el Clasico from the Spanish Capital
June 2, 2022
Factor shares key takeaways from the 36th ISDA Annual General Meeting
CLM, CLM, and… Our key takeaways from CLOC Global Institute
May 24, 2022
Factor's key takeaways from the 2022 Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC) Global Institute in Las Vegas
Do Lawyers Have Trust Issues?
May 5, 2022
In this recent panel discussion, Dr. Larry Richard, Michael Callier, and Ann Rainhart discuss the real impacts of lawyer trust and how we can create an environment that is conducive to creating trust for lawyers.
Are Lawyers Right to Have Trust Issues?
April 19, 2022
In this piece, we’ll explore the concept of trust, the impact of trust on cooperation, and whether lawyers have trust issues and what that means for them and for their clients.
Complying with the Schrems II Ruling: A Checklist
February 23, 2022
Factor is partnering with its clients across industries to effect compliance. We have condensed our learnings into a handy checklist of considerations, as a starting point, for your organization as it prepares for the December 2022 Schrems II deadline.
Reaching Collaboration Nirvana Between Client, Law Firm & Other Legal Service Providers
February 15, 2022
In this episode of the Technically Legal Podcast, Michael and Ed explain how all players in the legal ecosystem can and should work together to turn out efficient and quality work products for clients.
The Geek In Review: Leading through New Law
January 14, 2022
Factor’s Ed Sohn and Michael Callier join The Geek in Review podcast to discuss consulting for in-house legal teams.
What is the secret sauce for a CLM implementation?
November 17, 2021
In this food-infused webinar, Factor's Michael Callier and Agiloft's Danielle Haugland distilled down the most essential ingredients for implementing contract management software for legal teams and beyond.
Diversity and legal operations with Michael Callier
November 17, 2021
Factor's Head of Solution Consulting, Michael Callier, talks diversity and legal operations with the hosts of The Legal Ops podcast
Legal Operations 101: Its Definition, Role, and Function in Today’s Enterprise
November 17, 2021
A legal operations function is now expected in any modern legal department, and according to recent research, the number of organizations with a dedicated legal operations team has risen year on year for the past five years.
Ancient Agoras & Modern Work
November 17, 2021
In ancient Greece, the agora was the place. A central public space, it was where matters of state were discussed, new alliances came together and important announcements were made. But more importantly, it was the spot from which resonated the pulse of society; great ideas, art, personalities, and businesses were forged there.
Considering Supplier Transition for Outsourced Relationships: How to Do it Right  
November 4, 2021
In this recent webinar, Kim Wolfe (Barclays) and Hywel Evans (HSBC) share their tips for how to do supplier transition right for outsourced relationships.
Creating & Establishing a Culture of Innovation in Legal Departments
October 13, 2021
Hear about the 5 main takeaways from our recent roundtable, Innovation in Legal: How to Create and Establish a Culture of Innovation within the Legal Department.
Beyond GDPR: The Next Major Privacy Mandate in 2021
September 15, 2021
With new regulatory compliance deadlines in 2021 and 2022, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) continues to provide a regulatory outline for organizations handling personal data in the European Union.
Factor Connect: Our New Partner Program
July 28, 2021
Factor launches inaugural partner program bringing together the best of legal technology to collectively accelerate the transformation of legal services.
The Great Reopening
June 16, 2021
Restrictions are lifting, and offices are reopening. But what does an office environment look like in a post-covid world?
Learning to take time off
April 30, 2021
Spoiler alert: I took the vacation. 
Q&A: Why Factor’s CEO says part of the market for legal services is still ‘untapped’
April 30, 2021
Mehta spoke with Reuters about Factor's ambitions, what the company means when it advertises "complex work at scale," and the future of the legal ecosystem.
Vodafone case study: using an alternative legal service provider
April 26, 2021
More in-house counsel are turning to alternative legal service providers (ALSPs) to help them with high volume or very routine work to reduce costs and achieve efficiencies. The Law Society speaks to Vodafone about embedding an ALSP into its legal function and the benefits it has brought.
On LawNext with Bob Ambrogi: Former Allen and Overy Managing Partner and Factor Head of Strategy
April 14, 2021
Factor's newest Board Member Andrew Ballheimer and Head of Strategy Chris DeConti join Host Bob Ambrogi to discuss the significance of Ballheimer’s move and how they believe partnerships between law firms and ALSPs can benefit clients.
Future Law Bootcamp with Joe Borstein
April 14, 2021
In this episode of Future Law Bootcamp, Host Joe Borstein talks with Ed Sohn and Andrew Ballheimer about the different complexities within the legal industry and how legal tech solutions are adopted in law firms.
The Changing Competitive Landscape in Managed Services
March 18, 2021
Factor CEO Varun Mehta discussed the changing competitive landscape in legal managed services on the recent Reinventing Professionals podcast with Ari Kaplan.
Exploring the last frontier: Bridging legal to business
January 26, 2021
In this exclusive column for CEO Magazine North America, Varun Mehta, CEO for Factor, discusses the pressing need for innovation in the legal industry.
What is complex legal work at scale?
January 20, 2021
Technology alone is not going to change the means of legal production. We also need a change in how lawyers approach the work process itself.
The Changing Normal
December 17, 2020
Varun Mehta is featured as a special guest on Litera TV.
Out of Office: Keeping our offices excelling while we weren’t in them
December 17, 2020
As services companies, our offices aren’t just where we work, but a large component of the offering we bring to our clients, with our physical spaces reinforcing our businesses' unique brands and allowing us to develop cultures of excellence.
An Overview of the New Central Securities Depository Regulation
December 16, 2020
Factor’s Chris Magee illuminates a new EU regulation, discussing which organizations are impacted and what they can do to meet their compliance obligations.
Street Performer to Orchestra Conductor: Lessons in Leadership
December 1, 2020
This year, my first as CEO, I've found it's more about slowing down than being a quick mover, about chasing empathy over wins. As I look back and reflect, here are a few things I found helpful and learned about leadership along the way.
Our voices matter.
November 30, 2020
I've learned often that the most simple nudges are the most impactful. I'm conscious (and hopeful!) that you'll be seeing many similar encouragements to vote. This is my small/humble addition to the chorus.
Conversations: On Mentorship
November 14, 2020
Recently, I talked about the importance of mentors in my career and the journey that’s brought me here to Factor. Mentors don’t need to be appointed or overly formalized relationships but often can be individuals that you admire and respect. They can be candid and open to helping you solve the big problems in your career and even at home.
Uncleared Initial Margin Rules Phases 5&6 – considerations for in-scope market participants
November 11, 2020
Moderated by Keith Blizzard, this recent webinar addressed key challenges facing buy- and sell-side market participants striving to execute IM documentation by the Phase 5 deadline of September 1, 2021, and the Phase 6 deadline of September 1, 2022. 
How to Future Proof Your Supply Chain Contracts
November 10, 2020
If pre-pandemic your teams were overworked, or your processes were not efficient, you likely found that those cracks truly fractured this year. For supply chain contracts in life sciences, the coronavirus crisis hit like a hundred-year flood.
No magic to building great culture…hint, it starts before they start
October 22, 2020
You walk from the elevator to the door, wiping the sweat from your palms onto your chinos. You slide your hand inside your bag to make sure your resume is there, a gesture you’ve done about 45 times since you left the house. Okay, it’s time. Wait, smooth your shirt down first. It’s doing that weird foldy thing again. Why did you wear this shirt? It always does the foldy thing. 
Has Initial Margin fallen to the bottom of your in-tray?
October 21, 2020
With the recent one year extensions to the regulatory deadlines, Initial Margin regulations have seemingly fallen to the bottom of the financial services market’s in-tray.
Factor at LegalGeek - Miraculous or Mythical: Can Smart Intake Remake Legal?
October 13, 2020
Factor's talk at LegalGeek on the challenges and potential benefits of improving smart intake.
Human and Proud: The Rich Potential of a Connected Legal Community
October 6, 2020
Discover the rich potential of a connected legal community
New Role, New World, New Habits
September 10, 2020
It was one of those phone calls I usually wouldn’t pick up. It was from a number I didn’t recognize and I wasn’t expecting a call.
How to Build a Leadership Team…and Avoid Befriending a Volleyball
September 1, 2020
Visualize yourself in the middle of the ocean. You’re a good swimmer, but the current is strong. You’re pulled under the water, then gasp for air as the current pulls you right, left, back, right, and left again. Suddenly, you see a familiar orange shape bobbing up ahead - a life jacket.