The Future Ready GC: 2024 Challenges and Opportunities

December 14, 2023

In this recent Global Counsel Leaders event, 'Part 1 - The Future Ready GC: 2024 Opportunities and Challenges,' we discuss takeaways from the Global Counsel Leaders survey of 50 global legal chiefs and share insights on how the GC and her team must lead to meet constant new and shifting demands. 

Delve into insights from Varun Mehta, Aine Lyons, Leigh Dance, and Matt Fawcett as they discuss intensifying workloads and the strategies to address them. They stress the need for general counsels to be strategic partners aligned with the business, embracing AI and technology for operational excellence. Key themes include overcoming the dissatisfaction with productivity and advancing to more strategic roles amid pressures of cyber regulations and transaction complexities.

The conversation advocates for a 'people-first' approach, prioritizing mental health, clarity in goals, and teamwork. This virtual event uncovers how legal departments can rise to meet the challenges of 2024, ensuring that legal leaders are not just equipped but excited to drive transformative change.

If you're a senior leader or in-house counsel aiming to keep your legal team ahead of the curve, don't miss the chance to gain actionable strategies by tuning into this enlightening session.