From Legal to Leadership: How to Forge a Path from GC to CEO

January 31, 2023

With the global environment in a state of flux, the role of general counsel is constantly transforming. Today, GCs must work with business leaders to proactively tackle challenges like risk, regulatory burdens, supply chain instability and more. That close alignment opens up a new pathway for in-house legal leaders – one that leads to the c-suite. 

Keir Loiacono stepped into his role as CEO at BlueSphere Bio by way of a career as an in-house legal leader. Watch our recent webinar for a first-hand account of how he did it, and to learn:

  • How one newly promoted CEO achieved his role by way of a career as in-house counsel 
  • Practical steps in-house lawyers can take to position themselves for future careers in business leadership 
  • Why legal is uniquely positioned to make this leap now (as opposed to 20 years ago)