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Better culture breeds better outcomes for everyone. The people that walk the (currently virtual) Factor halls are some of the best and brightest in the industry. Backed by thoughtful leadership and empowered by a structure that creates paths for development and growth, our people tackle meaningful and complex work for our clients. Together, we question the status quo as we create a better way to work in legal.
Lawyers, contract experts, technologists, and process consultants
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People first.

At our core, we’re people-obsessed. We take great pride in cultivating a culture of selfless leadership around some of the smartest, nicest – and funniest – in the industry.

Meet a few:

Client Delivery

I help lead Factor’s delivery of financial services contracts, often of the complex and urgent variety, for a long-standing banking client. As a lawyer with a business background, I count myself fortunate to be in a role that offers opportunities to engage across diverse disciplines, including client management, people development, technical law, and operational excellence.

Contract Analyst

I’ve had the privilege of negotiating complex legal and commercial issues that govern Covid-related work streams. Though we’re not frontline healthcare workers, it’s been great to know that we’ve contributed to our client’s ability to successfully develop and distribute a Covid-19 vaccine.

Product Integration

As a law student, contracts stood out to me because I considered them the “programming language of business relationships,” and I’m into that. Mix that with a preference towards open-minded, international, and friendly work environments and you’ll understand what got me to work at Factor.

Product Manager

I studied law but quickly moved into the world of technology, working in product in a start-up. Factor lets me bring my whole background to my work. I get to geek out on the latest innovations and test new ideas, while at the same time building my knowledge of intricate and complex legal work.
Want to
the team?
Is Factor a law firm?
No! Our structure allows us to operate differently to a law firm and still deliver complex legal work, negotiate contracts that drive our client's business forward, and partner with some of the leading law firms in the world.
I don’t have to deal with the grueling hours, partner structure, or stuffy environment found at law firms while still getting access to the part I want - exciting work with prestigious clients.
Andrew Hunter
Senior Associate
Is Factor only for people with law degrees?
No! Factor is a mix of business professionals and people with legal experience who are not practicing, as well as people with law degrees. We are continually looking for Project Managers, Product Developers, Solution Architects, and professionals across sales, finance, and technology (to name a few). In short, people with diverse background who have one thing in common - a passion for growth and transformation. View our open roles!
The people I work with every day have a huge variety of experiences and expertise. This has made me more knowledgeable, creative, and just overall better at what I do.
Ashley Infantino
New York
What does it feel like to be in a Factor office?
Remember the drab, fluorescent lit, grey-carpeted offices of yore? Now picture the opposite. Factor offices are bright and buzzing, charged with the energy of cutting-edge legal innovation. Team members collaborate in open plan booths, participants learn in dedicated training rooms, colleagues connect in warm open spaces with private, focused areas found throughout the building. In short, leave the business wear at home.
It’s a collaborative, warm environment where I get to bring my true self. I wouldn’t trade that for the world.
Christopher Souto
Product Innovation
Legal has a reputation for being soul-sucking. How is Factor different?
We are proud to cultivate genuine connections with colleagues, investment in our people, a true work/life balance, a “people first” culture, and a variety of development paths. Not to mention, you’ll be in the trenches gaining hands-on experience with prestigious clients, not just providing advice. We could go on, and we will, if you give us the chance. Check out our open roles and let’s talk more.
Law is my passion and Factor gave me the opportunity to practice it in an environment that works for me. I also lead a team of talented people and work with exciting clients.
Agata Kotwica-Plisner
Client Service Lead
Will I get to interact with clients?
Yes! At Factor, no one is ‘back office’—everyone is client-facing and your interaction with clients could be as simple as an email or Teams meeting to discuss a specific engagement, or it could be as immersive as working side-by-side with them. We are proud to be strong partners that operate as extension of the client.
As a negotiator, I speak with our clients on a daily basis to ensure Factor is providing the highest level of service possible. It’s a deeply fulfilling partnership.
Andy Roff
Contract Management
Will I be on my own? Or will I have the support of a team?
You’ll be surrounded by a supportive, knowledgeable, and creative team that works collaboratively to get the job done. Teams at Factor always include bright legal minds, but also skilled project managers, technologists, and subject matter experts.
Me and my team are there for each other and I also can take the space I need to get my work done. It’s a perfect combination.
Olivia Hutton
Project Management
What flexibility does Factor offer for remote and in office working?
Right now, all Factor offices are closed and team members are working remotely until it is safe to return.
In normal circumstances, our goal is to be as flexible as possible and enable team members to work in the most effective, healthy way for them, while taking into account client needs and preferences. Usually, this means team members work from both the office and home.
I’ve created a schedule that works for both me and the client. The combination of being both onsite and home has allowed me to live a more fulfilling life.
Cherie McNicholl
Senior Associate
Do people have opportunities to grow?
Absolutely! Managers at Factor are dedicated to their team member’s growth and our People Team makes it a priority to ensure development opportunities are available. Team members who seek out opportunities to expand their scope often work on new and challenging problems that elevate their career paths.
Starting in Sales and moving into Product Management, I am one of many that began my career at Factor. I have since earned multiple promotions through access to growth opportunities. Factor has supported me all along the way.
Adam Rosenfeld
Product Management
New York

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