LawNext: CEO Varun Mehta on Integrated Law™ as a New Category of Legal Services

Varun Mehta
December 9, 2022

Integrated Law™, the legal services market and the evolving demands on GCs 

Varun Mehta, CEO joins Bob Ambrogi on the LawNext podcast to discuss Integrated Law™, the evolution of the legal services market, how Factor is rising to the needs of the current landscape and more.  

On the heels of Factor’s recognition as the Leading Integrated Solution Provider by the Financial Times, Mehta and Ambrogi dive into the details of the new Integrated Law™ category and what it means for clients.  

What Is Integrated Law™?  

Integrated Law™ is an emerging category of legal services providers that handle complex transactional work by mixing the legal expertise of Traditional Law, the tech-enabled efficiency of New Law and the close business alignment of In-house Law. With these capabilities, Integrated Law™ providers can handle work that is complex across the dimensions of legal, scale and organizational complexity.  

When we talk about complexity, we believe there are three flavors of complexity that a General Counsel is dealing with … We think being integrated is understanding a good blend of all three of those [flavors of complexity]. That’s what it means to be integrated.