Reinventing Professionals: The Impact of Integrated Legal Services

Varun Mehta
October 21, 2022

Varun Mehta, CEO joins Ari Kaplan on the Reinventing Professionals podcast to discuss Factor’s growth, how Integrated Law™ differs from other categories in the legal services market and what this approach looks like in practice.

After several years spent observing the industry, staying in close conversation with clients and quantifying the impact of our integrated teams, Factor is more confident than ever that Integrated Law™ marks a vital evolution for the legal services market.

Why Is Integration of Legal Necessary? 

“They [GCS] felt like the law firm could help with a part of it; their team could do a big chunk of it, but there was no one else to really bring it all together … Someone that understand the culture of the organization, the strategies that they’re trying to pursue, the systems and processes that they have.”

Varun Mehta on the creation of Integrated Law