The Geek In Review: Leading through New Law

Michael Callier
January 14, 2022

Factor’s Ed Sohn and Michael Callier join The Geek in Review podcast to discuss consulting for in-house legal teams through NewLaw providers. More and more, corporate legal counsel turns to NewLaw providers for consultation.

New Law is who corporate legal counsel reach out to in order to streamline their operations and find ways of integrating themselves into the overall mission of the corporation, rather than just the department which mitigates legal and business risks. Sohn and Callier stress that New Law providers are not a threat to established law firms, but rather a partner who can help firms differentiate themselves from their peers by allowing for the consultation of clients for alternative legal strategies. 

Listen now: 


Ed Sohn on Barriers to Adoption in Law

Process adoption or its failure oftentimes rests with people. It actually rests with social learning. it actually rests with how do you celebrate and story tell and create a culture that’s conducive to the adoption of technology and innovation. 

Michael Callier on Change Management in the Legal Industry

To be honest, it’s not that people fear change, it’s that people fear the loss associated with change. We change every day. We change clothes. We eat different things. We go to different places that we’ve never been to before. So it’s not fear of change, it’s fear of the loss associated with change. And so in particular, with the legal industry.