Considering Supplier Transition for Outsourced Relationships: How to Do it Right  

Sandy Devine
November 4, 2021

As outsourcing of legal functions becomes more prevalent, and companies are engaging partners for more complex and embedded legal services, many firms are now embarking on second-and third-generation outsourcing initiatives. In some cases, this results in transition and potentially, consolidation of multiple service providers. In other cases, this has led to recasting and elevating the current provider structure to a more strategic, outcomes-based relationship. 

In this recent webinar with Buying Legal Council, we welcomed Kim Wolfe of Barclays and Hywel Evans of HSBC panel to discuss when and how to consider supplier transitions when to go to market versus reinvent current provider relationships, and how to plan for success in light of considerations such as rethinking scope, new approaches to automation and successfully managing internal business user change management.