Code Reg Episode 1: Where to Begin When It’s Already too Late (Part 1)

July 25, 2022

The deadline to implement the new SCCs pursuant to the EU Commission’s requirement under the GDPR is less than 6 months away—it’s (past) time to implement a remediation program. But if the inertia of a late start has frozen you into inaction, listen to Code Reg: our podcast dedicated to regulatory remediation programs.   

In the coming weeks, we’ll dive into the implications of the new EU SCCs and Schrems II, different outreach approaches, how to use this experience to future-proof your CLM environment and more.  

In episode one of Code Reg, Factor’s experienced internal practitioners kick off this season’s discussion of Schrems II and GDPR related remediation by talking about where to begin when it’s already too late.   

Throughout the episode, gain insight into topics like:   

  • What exactly Schrems II is  
  • The impact it will have on clients  
  • What to consider before you dive into remediation  
  • How to assess your internal capabilities   
  • The importance of data hygiene   

With the December 27 deadline looming so near, there’s no more time to wait—listen to episode one of Code Reg now. To hear the rest of our discussion about where to begin when it’s already too late, follow up with episode two.