Reaching Collaboration Nirvana Between Client, Law Firm & Other Legal Service Providers

Michael Callier
February 15, 2022

Factor's Michael Callier, Head of Solution Consulting, and Edward Sohn, Head of Solutions, discuss how in-house legal teams, their outside counsel, and new law players, can collaborate and maximize productivity by leveraging the strengths of each. In this episode of the Technically Legal Podcast, Michael and Ed explain how all players in the legal ecosystem can and should work together to turn out efficient and quality work products for clients.

While much of Factor’s focus is contract lifecycle management (CLM), Michael and Ed point out that efficient processes and appropriate use of software solutions may be applied to many areas of legal work. In fact, when collaboration and legal processes are done right, Michael says it can solidify the position of legal departments and legal teams as “legal integrators” connecting and influencing various parts of an organization and providing a positive impact on business results. Ed takes it a step further and points out that new law companies should become seamlessly integrated extensions of legal departments and become not vendors being managed, but just another member of the legal team.

Listen to the podcast: