Your GenAI Legal Roadmap: Delivering Wins While the Game is Changing - On-demand Webinar

Jess Block
April 11, 2024

In this recent webinar, moderated by Jess Block of Factor, leading legal and technology experts tackle the critical adjustments necessary for legal operations amidst the rise of Generative AI. Discover actionable insights on:

  • Maintaining course, rethinking priorities, and adding strategic actions to best harness GenAI opportunities in the legal sector.
  • Minimizing risks associated with major technology investments and overcoming the inertia of sunk-cost paralysis.
  • Operational shifts in legal services delivery models and essential steps towards data and foundational readiness for GenAI.

Featuring candid discussions with Casey Flaherty, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at LexFusion; Donovan Bell, Director of Information and Contract Experience at Intel, and Michael Callier, Global Head of Consulting at Factor, the panel explores:

  • Immediate, no-regret actions that organizations can adopt to position themselves for successful GenAI integration.
  • Practical approaches to pilot and experiment with GenAI tools that enhance efficiency, quality, and risk management in legal processes.

Don't miss these expert perspectives on preparing your legal operations for the transformative impact of Generative AI. Tune into the webinar replay to ensure your strategy is well-prepared for these advancements!