On LawNext with Bob Ambrogi: Former Allen and Overy Managing Partner and Factor Head of Strategy

April 14, 2021

Originally Posted On LawNext

It was recently announced that Andrew Ballheimer, who retired last October as global managing partner at Magic Circle law firm Allen & Overy, one of the largest law firms in the world, has joined the board of directors of the managed services company Factor, which spun off in 2019 from the alternative legal services provider Axiom.

Some are saying the move represents a bridge between traditional law firms and new forms of legal services delivery, and that it signals a future in which law firms and ALSPs more commonly work together to better serve their clients.

Andrew Ballheimer joins us on today’s LawNext to discuss this news, together with Chris DeConti, head of strategy at Factor and formerly executive vice president at Axiom. They discuss the significance of Ballheimer’s move and how they believe partnerships between law firms and ALSPs can benefit clients. They also share their thoughts on innovation in the legal industry, and on what the future holds for firms such as Allen & Overy and companies such as Factor.