Our voices matter.

Varun Mehta
November 30, 2020

I decided to share this email I sent my company today with all of you. As always, I welcome your feedback, look forward to hearing and learning from what you have to say.

I've learned often that the most simple nudges are the most impactful. I'm conscious (and hopeful!) that you'll be seeing many similar encouragements to vote. This is my small/humble addition to the chorus.

From: Varun Mehta
Date: Friday, October 30, 2020 at 6:00 AM}
To: Factor_Office_Global
Subject: Adding Our Voice to the Chorus - Go Vote!

Factor Team,

 I’m getting ready to cast my vote in the US election on Tuesday. It’s not going to be convenient, and it’s probably not going to be quick. I’m finding time to do it because a vote is a voice, and I’m adding mine to the chorus. 

If you’re voting in the US election and haven’t voted early, and you’re feeling like you might not have time for it on November 3rd, I am encouraging you to find a time to do so. Prioritize adding your voice to the chorus. The outcome of the election will elicit many feelings, including excitement in some and disappointment in others. The fact that you will have participated is key. You will have made your voice heard.  

Why send this email? Because the principles of voting are making me think about what we aspire to be at Factor. Here’s what I hope for: everyone at Factor feels like they have a voice. I hope for passionate opinions. I hope for discourse. I hope for the kind of decision-making - at all levels of our organization - that is shaped by and values your perspective. I hope for a chorus.  

This chorus, this kind of inclusion of all passionate voices is one of the pillars of a community. This is important for each of us on a personal level and also for our mission as an organization. A company that is also a community is not a mere silver lining to accomplishing our goals, it’s the essence of them. You know what I hear often from our clients? They hire us because they love our people. Sure, our people support the work they need to get done, but our people also care, and they question, and they challenge. This reinforces that an active, engaged, and compassionate community is the true enabler of our mission.

I’m thinking of the legal landscape chorus right now. We’ve got some voices singing off key. There’s one person in the back that will not stop with the do-re-mi’s while buzzwords and promises of silver bullet solutions are echoing everywhere. Problems aren't solved this way. It takes an engaged, thoughtful, chorus of voices in harmony to effectuate change. In this chorus, what kind of voice do we want Factor to add?

I hope Factor’s voice is one that has opinions on things that are important to the communities we operate in and the customers we operate for. I hope it’s a rich, resonant sound that pierces through the noise. I hope it’s full of authenticity and honesty from each member of our team. I hope you contribute to what it sounds like by vocalizing what’s important to you. 

So, go vote on Tuesday. For all upcoming elections around the world, prioritize participating if you don’t already.

A vote is a voice. Yours matters. 

– Varun