What is the secret sauce for a CLM implementation?

Michael Callier
November 17, 2021

In a recent installment of the Agiloft Webinar Series, Factor's Michael Callier and Agiloft's Danielle Haugland discussed the “Five-Star Recipe for CLM Implementation Success." The food-infused webinar distilled down the most essential ingredients for implementing contract management software for legal teams and beyond. The pair also discuss the importance of pre-work, including getting the right team together, which is a major part of the ‘secret sauce’ when deploying contract management software.

Before diving into the recipe, Michael set the stage with a fantastic primer on the CLM process from Request to Execution all the way to Renewals and Close. He shares a great overview of the lifecycle of a contract, and Michael also explained that depending on your CLM journey, you may have yet to implement some of these steps in the process—and that’s okay!

Every organization is at a different level of CLM maturity, and the process takes a lot of work and collaboration with many stakeholders to grow from the early stages without a CLM to advanced AI extraction and contract analysis. But regardless of the level of your CLM process maturity, the below is our fool-proof recipe for CLM implementation success.

Watch the webinar replay below to get the complete recipe from Danielle and Michael: