Press Release

A Year of Growth: Factor bridges the gap between traditional law and New Law

Factor, the leader in solutions for complex legal work at scale, marks its first anniversary after establishing its independence, following a rebrand and spinoff from Axiom. Under the leadership of CEO Varun Mehta, Factor sharpened its focus on helping general counsel, legal and procurement teams better support the businesses they serve.

Factor’s first year saw the market and regulatory forces, as well as the unprecedented disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, amplify the “do more with less” pressures on legal teams and created pressing urgency to adjust to new commercial and business realities.

“Looking back, I am proudest of the bonds we strengthened with our people, and how we held hands with our clients through their biggest problems, and challenging times in this year of uncertainty. This perfectly captured the ambition and values we are establishing at Factor,” said CEO Varun Mehta.

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