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Factor adds former GC/Big Law Partner as it launches Integrated Law™ Category

NEW YORK, JULY 21, 2022 -- Factor, the leader in solutions for complex legal work at scale, announced today it has appointed Jonathan Pedersen as Executive Vice President, Global Practice Lead. He will oversee all of Factor’s engagements, managing technology-enabled teams integrated with legal and business stakeholders across Factor’s global client base.

Pedersen, a former Skadden Partner who also previously served as Co-General Counsel of Investment Banking at Credit Suisse, leads a cohort of recent hires as Factor continues to expand its capability to handle increasingly specialized work. The moves reinforce Factor’s vision of Integrated Law™ as a new category within the legal landscape, which it describes as bringing together the expertise of Traditional Law, efficiency of New Law, and the business alignment of In-house Law.

“The market has responded enthusiastically to our focus on complex legal work at scale. Our clients entrust us with this higher-value work, enabling them to focus on the vitally important, recurring advisory work only in-house teams can provide,” said Varun Mehta, Chief Executive Officer, Factor. “Jonathan’s experience spanning traditional law firms, in-house, and legal innovation made him uniquely qualified to help bring Integrated Law to life. Jon has lived in the shoes of our in-house clients and practiced law at the highest levels. His reverence for quality and client outcomes has distinguished him throughout his career.”

“Over the last two years, Factor has grown tremendously, adding numerous new clients to an already enviable list. I am thrilled to help build on this momentum,” said Pedersen. “We are establishing a new category, trusted to deliver complex work exceptionally well by combining legal expertise with operational efficiency, and deep business alignment and understanding.”

Pedersen is intimately familiar with the market opportunity and value proposition ahead for Factor. He added, “I have known the Factor team and business for years as a client, and their market focus really resonated. I believe Factor provides a service General Counsels increasingly need most; a modern and trusted solution to address transactional legal work like contracting. Keeping pace with this business-as-usual work and the demand to deliver it cost-effectively is a real challenge for in-house teams. It is the most underserved part of our market, and all too often, the urgency of this work crowds out the in-house team’s ability to do what they are uniquely qualified to do: advising the business on the balance between legal risk and its commercial objectives.”

Mehta concluded: “Jon is a tremendous addition as we continue our growth and focus on work that matters to our clients and their businesses. Clients need a partner to be truly integrated into their world with real familiarity and understanding of their markets, systems, strategies, and stakeholders. We are doubling down on our Integrated Law strategy and actively investing to create this new market category.”

About Factor

Factor is the market leader in Integrated Law™. Factor works alongside corporate legal departments and law firms to solve the ever-increasing demands and complexity of transactional legal work like contracting. With 10+ years of focused experience, Factor integrates the expertise of Traditional Law, and the efficiency of New Law, with the close business understanding and integration of In-house legal to deliver complex legal work at scale. Factor helps reposition and focus in-house legal on advisory, solves business problems, and balances commercial opportunities with legal risks.

Factor is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice. For more information, go to or LinkedIn.