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Factor in the Press: Varun Mehta named as CEO

"During his tenure at Clutch, Mehta served as CRO and co-led the business’s transformation from a staff augmentation firm to a tech-enabled legal services firm that grew more than 350% over a three-year period to over 500 employees and seven offices globally, Factor has pointed out – no doubt with the hope they’ll see the same kind of rapid growth there as well."

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“I think there’s a very unique opportunity to think about how we take the best lessons from old law and the work that law firms do, the complexity, the art, and bring it to the masses,” Metha told Legaltech News. “And that’s what I think Factor is uniquely positioned to do, whether its re-papering agreements to meet regulator guidelines or helping customers negotiate contracts when they are buying or selling services.”

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“As we embark on Legal Innovation 2.0, Factor is well-positioned to serve the massive gap between highly-skilled yet expensive law firms and the more commoditized work streams in the LPO and ALSP category,” Mehta added. “With Factor’s deep experience transforming legal services through a combination of expert lawyers, smart technology and well-informed processes, we will focus on serving as a business enabler to general counsel and the businesses they represent.”

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“It’s clear we have some very talented people,” Mehta said. “We’ve unlocked and understood how to deliver this complex legal work at scale.” Now the challenge is to add more levels of tech to that stack, to add more tools to fit for different purposes, and take the best practices the company has learned to a broader market.

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"As someone who has competed against the Axiom Managed Solutions business in the past, I have long admired and respected what they built, especially their leadership in delivering sophisticated legal managed services," Mehta said. "The company's leadership always had an intellectual curiosity and a true passion for developing a better model – unlike much of the industry, which seemed to be focused on winning the next contract. As a result, Factor begins its journey with an excellent client list and a reputation for taking care of their people and clients, which has become the gold standard in the industry."

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"Varun's passion, experience and expertise within legal services and his proven track record in growing and scaling businesses makes him the ideal person to lead Factor into its next phase of innovation and growth," said Bob Kagle, Co-Founder and General Partner at Benchmark Capital, former director at eBay and member of the board at Factor."

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