Press Release

Varun Mehta Named CEO of Factor

Factor, formerly Axiom Managed Solutions (AMS), the leader in next-generation solutions for complex legal work at scale, today announced it has named Varun Mehta CEO. Mehta’s appointment comes as the newly rebranded company embarks on an ambitious growth agenda with plans to expand its market leadership and a recommitment from Axiom’s original investors including Carrick Capital and Benchmark Capital.

“As we embark on Legal Innovation 2.0, Factor is well-positioned to serve the massive gap between highly-skilled yet expensive law firms and the more commoditized work streams in the LPO and ALSP category,” Mehta added. “With Factor’s deep experience transforming legal services through a combination of expert lawyers, smart technology and well-informed processes, we will focus on serving as a business enabler to general counsel and the businesses they represent.”

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