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Factor Launches Integrated Contracting Platform Driven By Seasoned Growth Company Executive

NEW YORK, FEBRUARY 22, 2023 -- Factor, recently named the Leading Integrated Solution Provider by the Financial Times, has appointed Jessica Block to its executive leadership team. As Executive Vice President of Market Solutions, she will design and launch Factor’s Integrated Contracting Platform, the unified set of capabilities underpinning the company’s services.

Block was formerly Senior Managing Director at FTI Consulting and a member of the senior leadership team at Ankura Consulting, where she helped scale the business from a small startup with 100 employees to a global advisory firm with over 1,500 employees. Along with her work across legal and compliance disciplines, in this new role, she will draw upon her background in high-growth, expertise-intensive fields such as data analytics and technology-enabled transformation.  

In 2022, Factor launched Integrated Law, a new category in legal services that combines the expertise of law firms, the efficiency of New Law, and the close business alignment of in-house teams. Factor applies this approach to contracting with its Integrated Contracting Platform. Block’s leadership will oversee investment in the platform, including practical deployment of AI-enabled tools, new methodologies and mechanisms for scaling expertise. 

“Our strategy is anchored on delivering complex legal work at scale, with a specific focus on contracting,” said Varun Mehta, CEO at Factor. “This requires the next evolution of our platform, bringing together advisory, enablement and solution design to power expertise-driven, technology-enabled contracting. Jess’ experience scaling expertise across high-end professional services organizations makes her the best in the industry to deliver on these requirements.”

“The way we work matters, and it’s enhanced by Factor’s decade of experience as the market’s leading contracting solutions provider. We bring together perspective, know-how, best practices and systems for scaling to drive better outcomes for our clients,” said Block.

About Factor

Factor is the market leader in Integrated Law. Factor works alongside corporate legal departments and law firms to solve the ever-increasing demands and complexity of transactional legal work like contracting. With 10+ years of focused experience, Factor integrates the expertise of Traditional Law, and the efficiency of New Law, with the close business understanding and integration of In-house legal to deliver complex legal work at scale. Factor helps reposition and focus in-house legal on advisory, solves business problems, and balances commercial opportunities with legal risks.

Factor is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice. For more information, go to or LinkedIn.