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Association of Corporate Counsel Names Factor & CrowdStrike Value Champions

NEW YORK, FEBRUARY 2, 2023 -- Factor, recently named the Leading Integrated Solution Provider by the Financial Times, was recognized by the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) as a value champion for their partnership with global cybersecurity leader CrowdStrike. This award arrives just months after Factor’s launch of Integrated Law, a new category in legal services.  

Since 2012, the ACC Value Champions program has highlighted corporate law departments that innovate to optimize legal service delivery. Among other things, the ACC Value Champions program identifies and celebrates successful collaboration between in-house legal departments and legal service providers. The Champions are evaluated based on their success in cutting spending, improving predictability and achieving better outcomes; this year’s Champions hail from around the world in a variety of various sectors.  

Factor’s engagement with CrowdStrike began in 2020. CrowdStrike needed to manage volume growth and better leverage in-house legal leaders, prompting them to seek support from a team of attorneys and other legal professionals at Factor. Thanks to Factor’s flexible support and mutual trust fostered by close alignment, the two organizations have forged a strong partnership.  

“Factor is a force-multiplier for our Legal team,” said Ron Wills, Vice President of Legal, CrowdStrike. “They’re seamlessly embedded in our legal department and have helped us drive greater efficiencies while delivering superior outcomes.” 

The integrated partnership between Factor and CrowdStrike has already resulted in a 75% reduction in time-to-delivery of new workflows, and an estimated 60% decrease in development costs. 

In the last year, Factor’s focus on Integrated Law resulted in an expanded partnership with global telecommunications leader BT and consistently high-quality output on complex legal work at scale for clients like McGraw-Hill. Factor also invested in key leadership hires to define and develop the Integrated Law category. 

“In-house legal teams are feeling the pressure to work smarter,” said Varun Mehta, Chief Executive Officer, Factor. “Factor integrates with clients like CrowdStrike so their legal departments can handle the recurring and complex legal work that dominates so much of their time without compromising important advisory work.”  

About Factor 

Factor is the market leader in Integrated Law. Factor works alongside corporate legal departments and law firms to solve the ever-increasing demands and complexity of transactional legal work like contracting. With 10+ years of focused experience, Factor integrates the expertise of Traditional Law, and the efficiency of New Law, with the business know-how and integration of In-house legal to deliver complex legal work at scale. Factor helps re-focus in-house legal on advisory, solving business problems, and balancing commercial opportunities with legal risks. 

Factor is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice. For more information, go to or LinkedIn.